Chapter One - The Unification War

Twenty-nine playable missions
One in-game cutscene
One rendered cutscene

Many all new playable models
All New interface
All New HUD
All New ballistic weaponry


TVWP requires a minimum of SCP version 3.6.12 RC3, due to certain required bugfixes.

Download the files below, and place them all in a new mod folder.

Required files:


Download from Nukelol

TVWP Models

Download from Nukelol

TVWP Missions

Download from Nukelol

Optional files

TVWP Interface
Brand new interface art custom designed by Lightspeed

Download from Nukelol

TVWP Enhanced

Includes shine/glow maps; hi res dds textures; hi res backgrounds

Download from Nukelol

TVWP Normal Maps

Normal maps creaated by freespaceking for TVWP models. Requires 3.6.10 or later.

Download from Nukelol

Demo Outro cutscene