Story of the Terran-Vasudan War


What has gone before...

Chapter 1: The Unification War

In which a Grand Discovery is made and the Galactic Terran Alliance is formed.

Chapter 2: Outbreak (working title)

In which the GTA learns of the existence of a new Species, who is not as Friendly as we might like.

Chapter 3: Explosions

In which the Plot is so Secret, even we do not know exactly what happens yet. But we know that there will be many Explosions.

Chapter 4: Darkness at Talnia

In which the Player is witness to a horrific Event, which forces the GTI to take drastic action in order to avoid Losing the War.

Chapter 5: No War, No Peace

In which is chronicled Eishtmo's campaign, about which we do not yet know how much Information he wishes to give out.

Chapter 6: Vega

In which is chronicled the Vega Engagement and other associated Battles.

Chapter 7: Denouement (working title)

In which the GTA faces heavy Losses due to attrition in the War, and commences Operation Thresher in an effort to regain lost Territory.